ATM & Debit Card

  • No annual fee or maintenance charge 
  • Withdraw cash  
  • Transfer funds 
  • Check balances 
  • 25 cash withdrawals, not to exceed $260 per day 

With a debit card you get these additional benefits:

  • Make purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted - amount is taken directly out of your checking account 
  • 25 purchases not to exceed $1000 per day 
  • Guard your debit card from fraud by going to "Card Management" on the CSB Mobile App

FREE ATM Access 

  • ATM Access gives you access to hundreds of surcharge free ATM's in Wisconsin where you live, work and travel
  • Download the ATM Access mobile app for your mobile device at your designated App store

For Lost or Stolen Cards 

  • Instant Issue - A new card can be created at any location - no need to wait for it to arrive in the mail
  • Regular business hours call 920.693.8256 or 920.565.6000
  • After hours call 1.866.546.8273